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GTPv2-C to/from GTPv1-C Interworking


Supporting GTP-CV2 to GTP-Cv1GTP Routing and Interworking

S8 to Gp / S5 to Gn

Convene Networks, ConveneGSC, Roaming, 3G to 4G roaming

Example Message Flows

Create Session/Default Bearer       Create/Update/Delete Bearer

GTPv2-GTPv1 Interworking, Convene Networks, ConveneGSC, Create Session, Create Default Bearer             Bearer Resource Command



Modify/Update Bearer:                      Modify Default Bearer:

Convene Networks, ConveneGSC, GTPv2-GTPv1 Interworking Function          Modify Bearer Command


Delete Session:                                 SGW Handover:

Delete Session 1           SGW HO


No Route/No Response:

No Route-No Response