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Developing the Mobile Core Network of the Future

Convene Networks develops mobile software solutions that offer a new way to design, deploy, and manage mobile core networking services.  All of our solutions are purpose-built applications which are designed to run on high-performance COTS servers.  Our product portfolio shares a foundation that is designed to consolidate and deliver the networking components needed to support a fully virtualized infrastructure.  This allows service providers to accelerate the deployment of new networking services to support changing business requirements as well as to rapidly scale to meet unknown future demand.


ConveneGSC provides intelligent, session-aware load balancing of GTP traffic across available GGSN or Proxies, is available and is successfully deployed as an integral network element of a major service provider.

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ConveneHSS is purpose-built for virtualization, assisting carriers with their goal of Network Function Virtualization (NFV) and provides a feature deployment environment for Software Defined Networks (SDN).  It is a Virtual Machine (VM)-ready software product designed such that it leverages multi-core COTS hardware with a highly threaded software implementation.

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ConveneEIR provides a virtualized Equipment Identity Register (EIR) database of blacklisted IMEI numbers, providing protection to services providers’ networks.

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