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An Equipment Identity Register (EIR) is a database of the IMEI numbers of blacklisted handsets.  If a device’s IMEI number is present on the EIR, it may be prevented from accessing member service providers’ networks.

ConveneEIR supports EIR deployment by providing the following features:

  • 3GPP Standards Compliant
  • Diameter Interface S13 and S13′,  MAP interface Cf;
  • Holds the entire GSMA database of blacklisted IMEIs;
  • Secure web access for database maintenance;
  • High Availability Active/Active redundant configuration;
  • Virtualized/VM Ready;
  • Hosted or non-Hosted implementations;
  • Initial and subsequent database provisioning via comma separated file (CSV) specification;
  • Real-time logging and server notifications;
  • TLS;
  • IPv4 and IPv6;
  • TCP, SCTP.

Convene Networks‘ Equipment Identity Register (ConveneEIR) is purpose-built for virtualization, assisting carriers with their goal of Network Function Virtualization (NFV) and provides a feature deployment environment for Software Defined Networks (SDN).  It is a Virtual Machine (VM)-ready software product designed such that it leverages multi-core COTS hardware with a highly threaded software implementation.