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Convene Networks‘ GPRS Tunneling Protocol (GTP) Session Controller solution, ConveneGSC, has been successfully deployed as an integral network element of operator networks.  ConveneGSC addresses the need for a network agent/GTP proxy, routing, and session controller that can connect many packet core networks, provide flexible features and configuration, and scale to hundreds of thousands of transactions per second.  ConveneGSC assists carriers with their goals of network function virtualization (NFV) and software defined networking (SDN) by:

  • Providing a VM-ready software-based rapid feature deployment environment;
  • Utilizing commercial off the shelf (COTS) hardware;
  • Leveraging standard Linux operating systems;
  • Leveraging open source software tools.


ConveneGSC simplifies the management of your GPRS Tunneling Protocol control plane (GTP-C) and user plane (GTP-U) traffic between multiple packet core networks.  It masks your GPRS infrastructure from the rest of the packet switched network and from networks visited by your roaming subscribers.  With ConveneGSC, the roaming mobile can connect back to your network, with ConveneGSC providing a traffic proxy between the networks.  Many packet core networks can be interconnected, and the addition of new service providers and routes is simplified and expedited.  ConveneGSC provides routing resiliency so that failed or overloaded nodes do not affect network capacity and performance.

ConveneGSC is a highly flexible software solution deployed on servers selected and provided by the operator, and is easily configured and controlled via published XML schema.  Configuration of the nodes, node peers, subscribers and actions are all configured with this method.  Run time commands also use the published XML schema.  The solution features command line interpreter and GUI tools to build, monitor, and modify configuration at run time.

ConveneGSC Features

  • 3GPP Standards Compliant (Release 11) – 3GPP TS 29.060, TS 29.061, TS 29.272, TS 29.274, TS 29.281;
  • DNS Lookup;
  • Packet Intercept API for customizing and/or logging incoming/outgoing/error packets;
  • Usage accumulation and reporting per context;
  • SNMP and Command line interface for provisioning, status and statistics retrieval;
  • Real-Time Logging of all error messages;
  • Critical process automatic restart;
  • Real-time key system metrics and Operational Measurements (OM);
  • IPv4 and IPv6;
  • Commercial Linux platform.

ConveneGSC features planned for near term

  • Mediation (QoS Modification).
  • Static and/or dynamic Policy Control and Charging (PCC);
  • Gx interface (3GPP TS 29.212);
  • Ro/Rf Interfaces for Accounting (online & offline);

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